We operate in central and southeastern Europe offering services across the digital spectrum, from online market research to innovative ad tech software solutions. Thanks for visiting!

Our story

Hi there - glad you made it.  Tito and friends is the umbrella name for a group of companies that work across the digital spectrum -- from online market research and digital design/programming services to spin-off products that run the gamut of online testing, community services and online advertising efficiency monitoring. We started out as two techie friends playing around with code in the mid-1990s in a small town in Austria, and have grown to employ 200 people in 22 locations across Europe. Our main hubs and the largest offices are Vienna, Munich, Riga, Prague, Berlin and Leipzig, and we have smaller outposts in Sarajevo, Bucharest, Sofia and Zurich.


Each company has a different focus, but shares a core management team - the partners Klaus Oberecker, Benjamin Zotter, Eva Oberecker-Kurys, Anita Primo, Daniel Kutrowatz and Ellie Tzortzi. We come from different educational and professional backgrounds, but are close friends and we aim to run the business accordingly: a fun working atmosphere that values diversity, respectful and constructive communication even on difficult issues, and the commitment to help everyone who works with us grow and flourish. Both in ourselves and our staff we value teamwork, dedication, intellectual curiosity, passion and the courage to push for ideas and then take responsibility -- we are glad that shows in the success of the firm and the joy we take in our work.


That's all fine and well, you're thinking, but we're here for the cute logo. Tito is a real dog as well as the company's honorary "président à vie" - like his namesake, Josip Broz Tito. He is what we always aspire to be: lively, quick to learn and curious, steadfast when focused on a task (usually a bone) and ever ready for a new challenge. You can follow his adventures in Athens, Vienna, New York and beyond on his official Instagram feed